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Posted in [Gold], [Silver], [USD], [Inflation], [Currency Wars], [Depression], [Federal Reserve], [Alternative Currency], [Recession], [Euro], [China], [Europe] By "The Elemental Economist" Jim Purnell reports: [ US, Russian French and British air and naval forces streamed to the Syrian and Iranian coasts over the weekend on guard for fresh developments at the two Middle East flashpoints. The Russian carrier Admiral Kuznetsov anchored earlier than planned at Syria's Tartus port on the Mediterranean Sunday, Jan. 8, arriving together with the destroyer Admiral Chabanenko and frigate Yaroslav Mudry.
To counter this movement, France consigned an air defense destroyer Forbin to the waters off Tartus.

debkafile's military sources report a buildup in the last 48 hours of western naval forces opposite Iran in the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea in readiness for Tehran to carry out its threat to close the Strait of Hormuz. Britain has dispatched the HMS Daring, a Type 45 destroyer armed with new technology for shooting down missiles, to the Sea of Oman, due to arrive at the same time as the French Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier.

Our sources report too that Saturday, the giant RQ-4 Global Hawk UAV, took off from the USS Stenning aircraft carrier for surveillance over the coasts of Iran. The Stennis and its strike group are cruising in the Sea of Oman at the entrance to the Strait of Hormuz after Tehran announced it would not be allowed to cross through. This was the first time the US has deployed unmanned aerial vehicles over Iran since its RQ-170 stealth drone was shot down by Iran on Dec. 4. It was also the first time the huge drone was ordered to take off from an aircraft carrier for a Broad Aerial Maritime Surveillance Mission (BAMS).

Also Sunday, Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the US Chiefs of Staff, warned in no uncertain terms that Iran has the ability to block the Strait of Hormuz “for a period of time.”  He added in a CBS interview:  “We’ve invested in capabilities to ensure that if that happens, we can defeat that.” Gen. Dempsey went on to emphasize: "Yes, they can block it. We've described that as an intolerable act and it's not just intolerable for us, it's intolerable to the world. But we would take action and reopen the straits." US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta warned of a quick, decisive and very tough American response to any Iranian attempt to close the Strait of Hormuz. ]

Just what we need, another foreign entanglement that spreads our military thin (more than it currently is?!?), puts us farther into debt, and threatens to hike the single most consumed commodity’s price at a time when dollars are losing purchasing power at an ever increasing rate. The covert operations, that have now become public knowledge, by the intelligence communities of the US and the UK have now pushed the Iranians to stand up and draw a line in the sand. This is a very dangerous line in the sand as it will complicate roughly 1/2 of the worlds supply of oil. This well orchestrated drama seems to be enough to justify a swift military response to most since the display of military force by the Iranians is being sold to the public as an unprovoked antic that would directly threaten the ‘US recovery that started back in June of 2009’ should oil prices rise.

What a convenient well orchestrated paradigm we find ourselves in with the corporate media managing the flow of information in a fashion that just so happens to paint a picture showing Iran as creating the threat of interfering with the west’s oil supply since they have now thumbed their nose at the UN and the west by expanding their highly debated nuclear program. The picture that results is one of a bully in the middle east that is defiant of the US government and the will of the United Nations and the most dangerous threat in the current global snap shot. Whether or not they are actually qualified to put on such a title is irrelevant, what is relevant though is the fact that we are not in a position to start yet another war. This war will be a far cry from what we have experienced in Iraq and Afghanistan when we rushed in and surprised a malnourished disjointed group of rag tag goat farmers and swept through the country with our high tech invasion forces while they road bicycles to the frontlines with rusted AK-47s strapped to their backs. The Iranian people should be remembered for the proud fighting history they bring with them, after all they are Persians and history shows that they don’t back down from a fight and more often than not are the victors when oppression from the outside world comes to their door.

Be prepared for this to bring with it tremendous consequences to ALL CONSUMER goods as the impact of $250-300 per barrel oil will be felt from the gas pump where it more directly has an effect all the way to the grocery and retail shelves as the oil by-products used in the manufacturing of practically all consumer goods and higher fuel costs raise the price tags of everything you may need to buy. Oil is the basis for paints, lotions, soaps, clothing, tupperware, trash bags, anything made with plastics and on, and on, and on. Every time oil prices surge we see grocery store shelves display immediate and swift price hikes that are conveniently blamed on the transportation costs rising with oil prices. The problem is they never seem to go back down after they rise and if they do manage to recede, it isn’t at the rate by which they rose and not quite the same amount.

Now factor in the energy inflation discussed here along side the monetary inflation that is already accelerating as a result of the tens of trillions of new bailout dollars that have been created by the FED out of thin air since the housing bubble burst back in 2008. These two driving forces together can deliver a devastating combination blow to the check book of Americans as they work in tandem to drive food staples out of the price range of the average consumer. This unbelievable price distortion will force the consumer to buy less discretionary goods and foods that will only narrow the range of items that are in demand. This dynamic will also produce slow downs in specialized goods & foods that will result in the forced reduction of the staff & workers in the plants that produce these items which will only exacerbate the recession/depression and force the unemployment extensions to continue. This vicious cycle will continue to circle the drain and eventually suck the economy down the drain itself as the FED continues to print more and more fiat (paper money not backed by anything but faith) money to bailout their banker buddies. Establish your ‘WWIII Insurance Policy’ (China threatened any aggression against Iran would be met with swift Chinese military consequences ‘even if it brought about WWIII’) in gold & silver today and begin to offset the destruction of purchasing power brought on by this economic disaster we are learning to be much more than we have been told.

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